Central Analytical Laboratory

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Last Updated: March 1, 2003
Other Name: 중앙분석소; P'yŏngsŏng Science Institute Central Analytical Laboratory (평성과학원중앙분석소); Academy of Science Central Analytical Laboratory (과학원중앙분석소)
Location: Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea
Subordinate To: Second Natural Science Academy (제2자연과학원), Second Economic Committee (제2경제위원회)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Unknown

There is very little open source information on this facility. There is some confusion regarding the administrative control of this laboratory. Some sources place it under the Academy of Sciences or the Academy of Defense Sciences. However, the Academy of Sciences is under the direction of the cabinet, and the Academy of Defense Sciences is now known as the Second Natural Science Academy. Since the latter is responsible for all weapons R&D in North Korea, it is reasonable to assume the Central Analytical Laboratory is under the administration of the Second Natural Science Academy.

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