Hwangsan January Industrial Mine

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Last Updated: June 1, 2005
Other Name: 황산1월기업광산; Hwangsan Mine
Location: South P'yŏng'an Province (평안남도), North Korea
Subordinate To: Ministry of Extractive Industries (채취공업성), Cabinet (내각)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Unknown

According to defector Kim Tae Ho, there is a mine called the "Hwangsan January Industrial Mine" in South P'yŏng'an Province. Kim claims that the uranium ore extracted from the Hwangsan Uranium Mine is shipped to the Namch'ŏn Chemical Complex (남천화학연합기업소) in P'yŏngsan-kun and to the Unjŏn-kun April Industrial Enterprise (Pakch'ŏn milling facility) for milling. This uranium concentrate is then sent to the August Industrial Enterprise in the Yŏngbyŏn Nuclear Complex for enrichment and fuel fabrication. However, the location of the Hwangsan January Industrial Mine is unconfirmed.

Source: Lee Yong U, "'Uranium T'amsa Tŭng Haekkaebal Hyŏl'an'/Pukhansŏ Kwisunhan 3 Myŏng Kijahwoegyŏn," Segye Ilbo, 10 May 1994, p. 26, in KINDS, www.kinds.or.kr.

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