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Last Updated: June 26, 2012
Other Name: 김책공업종합대학; Kim Chaek Polytechnic Institute; Kim Ch'aek College of Science
Location: Younggwang Street (영광거리), Gyogu-dong (교구동), Chung-kuyok (중구역), Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea
Subordinate To: The Science and Education Department (과학교육부) under the Korean Workers Party Central Committee (조선노동당중앙위원회) exercises overall supervision, but the Department of Higher Education (고등교육부) in the Ministry of Education (교육성) manages administrative affairs.**
Size: The university has 18 departments (학부) and about 80 programs (학과), about 10,000 students and 2,000 staff. There are 10 research institutes and one graduate school (박사원). There are 54 laboratories and a library with about 600,000 volumes.
Facility Status: Operational

Kim Chaek University of Technology was originally part of Kim Il Sung University before it was established as the Pyongyang College of Technology (평양공업대학) in 1948. In 1951, during the Korean War, the college's name was changed to Kim Chaek College of Technology (김책공업대학). [Note: General Kim Chaek, commander of the KPA's Frontline Headquarters, died in the war.] In 1988, the college was elevated to a university (종합대학). Between 1981 and 1993, a large-scale construction program doubled the size of the campus to its present size of 400,000 square meters.

As of 2010, current president of the university is Hong Seo Heon (홍서헌). [2] The university's programs in nuclear reactors, nuclear electronics, nuclear fuel and nuclear engineering specialize in training nuclear researchers and technical personnel in nuclear electrical engineering (핵전기공학과), fuel engineering (핵연료공학과), and nuclear engineering (원자로공학과). [3] Graduates are reportedly posted to the Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center or to nuclear facilities in Pakchon-gun (박천군). [4]

**Note: There are also education bureaus under the people's committees in every city and/or province (시•도 인민위원회교육국) that contribute to the formation of education policy, and the local education bureau could provide some input for the school.

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